I was ALWAYS the creative one in my family growing up. I always loved to draw, play chess and come up with these creative ways to shine out of a group, so boring just wasn't for me. These skills that I started as a young child not only are still who I am now, but help me flourish as an overall Artist.

I have been doing professional Graphic Design for 10 years (December 2014 my work was Published in the New York Times), I wanted to start to do something beyond that. I remember when i was younger i asked my Father to buy me a point and shoot camera for Christmas and he did, but it stayed more in the bag with dead batteries then being put to use. A number of years ago I decided to purchase my first DSLR camera, a Sony A58, which I had NO CLUE how to use. I went online whether if it was YouTube, tutorials or other Photographers websites and literally learned the ins and outs of a camera, from F-Stops, ISO, shutterspeeds, lenses, and lighting. I was obsessed. Always being a self-taught individual, the first second i started to learn about the aspects and culture of Photography, i new it would change who i am as a person for the rest of my life. This besides the birth of my son, was the best decision i have ever made in my life.

Today I am a Professional Portrait and Commercial Photographer, shooting on-location Portraits and even working for International Companies shooting product Photography for their advertising. I would be more than happy to shoot your Portrait or even your most cherished days yet to come, so please, shoot me an email and i will shoot away!